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How To Kick Start Your Personal Brand Online For The Best Job Offer
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Author :- vikas pradhan 
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Posted on October 19, 2015, 10:00 am
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How To Kick Start Your Personal Brand Online For The Best Job Offer

These days an important part of landing a job is having an online presence. Yes, the world has gone to technology, and the resume is easily becoming outdated, boring and down the list of importance when job searching.

Most often people with a great brand online are those landing the best job offers from the best companies and loving the positions they are filling. When you are sprucing up that resume, make sure that you are also sprucing up your online brand, too.

You better believe that an employer is going to quickly head to Google and learn what they can find out about you. To land the job, that found information must reflect you as a well-rounded individuals with plenty to offer to the company.

Building your Personal Brand

Now that you understand how important it is to build your brand online, how can you start the process and ensure that you are exactly what employers are looking for?

First of all, know what is posted on your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. These results are oftentimes found during a search inquiry, and any risqué photos or TMI posts could result in your resume being looked over for the job.

If there is any personal information that would make you blush to know that your boss saw, remove it from your pages. Even marking ‘as ‘private’ isn’t a fool-proof guarantee that it will not get into the wrong hands.

When making posts on any of these sites, use proper spelling, grammar and sentences. Reflect yourself as a worthwhile individual with many qualities to offer to the employer, always thinking of the job offer when making your posts.

Social Media to the Rescue

Not only should you know what is on your pages and reflect yourself in the most positive light, you should also turn to social media sties to help you connect with potential employers and discover more opportunities that you may have never knew existed.

LinkedIn is a social networking site like none other, one of the very best tools for those in the job market. Other sites also have job seeker marketing potential, so take advantage of it!

Create Your Own Website

Have you considered creating your own website? These days it is quite simple for anyone to create a great website without any money or experience needed. In just a couple of hours of time you can have a website created that tells potential employers everything they need to know about you.

Your website could provide an employer many different attributes into your life and why you are a good choice for their business needs. Add poetry, prior works and skills, photos, essays, stories, school scores, volunteer experiences, life experiences and more on your site. Consider creating a website, and remember to promote that site so that it gets the hits you want.

Become a Guest Blogger

As a guest blogger you have the chance to show the world who you are and what you are about through your words. Many top names use guest bloggers, and this is an opportunity that you should take advantage of to spread the word about yourself. Employers are sure to stumble upon some of the posts that you have made and this can work highly in your favour if you allow it.

Let’s Build Together

As you can see there are a number of ways in which you can easily build your brand online, and it is a process very much worthwhile of your time. Gone are the days when you needed only a great resume to get the job of your dreams.

These days what is going on online is very important. Make it count, and build a brand that you are proud to tell the world about. Use each of these various methods of building your brand online and in the end you will find a great deal of success.


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