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How to get paid online by shortening urls of website
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Author :- myinfostake 
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Posted on November 20, 2015, 12:08 pm
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If you are running blog or website then i am sure that your are making use of url shortening website to shrink link of pages for promotion and any other purpose. You always make use of Google url shortening website to shorten urls but do you know there are such website who pays to shorten your website url. Mostly we shorten urls to promote those link on facebook, Google+ & Twitter. In these when you shrink your website url and promote that url on various platforms you will paid as per 1000 views. There are some sites who pays around $5 to $15 per 1000 views. I will be sharing list of such sites who pays really well for link shrinking and also you can earn extra money by url shrinking. Their payment method is also reliable so you will not face any problem related to payments. Check below list of url shortening sites to earn money online.

List of 5 url shortening website


This is really good website who pays very well for url shortening. You can earn money based upon country level. More than 3.5 lack people has registered on this website. This site is available in more than 100 countries. You can earn upto 5$ to 10% dollars depends upon country level. You can get paid by 2 modes Payoneer & Paypal. Also you can earn extra revenues through their affiliate program. You can promote their links and banner on your site to earn some extra cash easily.


Adfoc.us site pays their members based upon country level. They pay upto $7 to $10 per 1000 visits. Also you are able to check statistics of link activity according to country level. To redeem balance you atleast need $10. Payments are made via Paypal & Bitcoin. The site also provides referral program through which you can earn upto 10 to 20 percent on members earning for a lifetime.


You can earn upto $3 to $5 per 1000 visits. To redeem  balance the minimum withdraw amount is $5. In this Linkshrink.net has provided 2 payments method Paypal and Payza. Linkshrink.net has provided many tools in their panel to increase your earnings. You can view your earning reports through their statistic panel.


This site has really good interface and features and also it is compatible on Mobile & Tablets. You can also shorten link of your website through 3 platforms Desktop, Mobile and Tablets. You can also check your earning and performance report of link activity in Ouo.io. Quo.io pays upto $2 to $3 for 1000 views. To redeem acc balance you at least need $5. You can collect your payments through Paypal.


Blv.me is cpc based network for link shrinking. If you shrinking your website link through this website for promotion purpose then you can when lead get processed to your link. Just like an affiliate network. Also with this they offer upto $5 dollars commission on each referral.

Go to myinfostake.com to know about high paying url shortening websites. Here you will find list of 10 url shortening sites which pays very well to their members for per 1000 visits.  

Site (source)  : myinfostake.com
Email to contact  : myinfostake@gmail.com
Contact Tel  : 8421224687
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