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Ways to find the cheapest car insurance quote in Ontario
Category :- Insurance

Author :- Steve Davids 
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Posted on November 9, 2017, 10:15 am
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Ways to find the cheapest car insurance quote in Ontario

cheap car insurance in OntarioCar insurance is a hot topic in Ontario because car insurance rates in this province are the highest in the country. This means there are tons of articles out there on how to reduce your rates – but not all of those articles are helpful. For example, an article that tells you to have a clean driving history so you can enjoy lower rates does not help if you are already classified as a high-risk driver! Similarly, an article that champions the benefits of youth for low rates does not help older drivers. And while car insurance rates in Brampton could be cheaper than rates in Toronto, are you really prepared to move (and spend twice as much commuting)?

There are, however, some ways everyone can get cheap car insurance in Ontario, and today we will show you how. We’ll look at how some cars are cheaper to insure than others, how to leverage insurance brokers, why you should rely on consumer reviews and how to research and compare premiums.

Ready? Let’s begin.

How your car can impact your car insurance rates in Ontario

Some cars simply cost more to insure than others, and that rate is not determined just by the value of the car. Auto insurance for a Mercedes can be lower than for a Honda Civic, for example. It depends on the insurance history of the vehicle itself – vehicles that are prone to theft cost more to insure.

Take the time to get insurance quotes for several makes and models so you can see which cars are cheaper to insure. Platforms such as InsurEye can help you check car insurance rates in Ontario.

Need a hand? A broker is your best bet

You have a choice of how to buy your car insurance in Ontario: direct from an insurance company, using an insurance agent or using the services of a broker.

A direct insurance company will typically sell you policies either online or via a call centre when you call their insurance agent. In this case, you will get an insurance quote only from one insurance company. Examples of such insurers are TD Insurance (including Meloche Monnex), Belairdirect, Square One Insurance, etc.

An insurance agent, similarly to a direct insurer, sells the insurance of one company only, but he or she does it in a face-to-face interaction with a client through an agent who is awarded a commission based on the number of policies he/she sells (and/or the size of the policies). Examples of such companies are State Farm and Allstate.

A broker is different. A broker is often your best bet since he/she is able to compare insurance rates across several insurance companies (often up to 20 or 30 of them) to find you the best offer. Insurance brokers offer you access to a wider scope of the policies that are available on the market and can help with cheap insurance in Ontario. Saving on insurance in this province definitely makes sense due to the high car insurance premiums in Ontario.


Leveraging consumer reviews

Before you go to a restaurant or book a hotel, do you check the reviews? Most people do because independent insurance reviews are a great way to check out the service before you invest your money. This is also true with car insurance. 

In many cases, you do not know how good an insurer is until you actually have your first insurance claim. Consumer reviews can help you choose the best car insurance in Ontario. Insurance reviews are mostly unbiased, and they are written by people who either had an insurance policy for a while, or had an insurance claim in the past. Online insurance platforms, such as InsurEye, offer access to an extensive database of insurance reviews for nearly all car insurance companies in Ontario.

Do your own research: compare, compare, compare

Stop wishing for a giant calculator that allows you to figure out car insurance rates across all auto insurance companies in Canada – one already exists! InsurEye’s price benchmark tool allows you to evaluate, with just a few clicks, what your rate should be for car insurance in Ontario. InsurEye’s tool compares real car insurance rates and quotes that Canadians are paying because it is always helpful to get an initial perspective on your future car insurance rates before going to an insurer or to an insurance broker.

We hope that you find these tips about getting cheap car insurance in Ontario helpful, and that these tips will save you at least a few hundred dollars annually in insurance premiums.

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Ways to find the cheapest car insurance quote in Ontario
Car insurance is a hot topic in Ontario because car insuranc....
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